Simply put a value add real estate investment is one strategy where a real estate investor attempts to be a problem solver. 

They seek out under performing real estate assets with the intentions of correcting one or multiple problems facing the property. 

Typically, on a true value add play there will be many issues that will need to be addressed and will run the gamut in complexity, effort and time required to remedy. Most challenges can be grouped into physical, functional , operational and financial categories. 

Perhaps a previous owner over leveraged a property and the loss of a tenant(s) and their rent revenue created a downward spiral where maintenance issues were not addressed and a domino effect was started. 

Maybe a well located apartment complex is lacking key amenities and updates that residents expect and are willing to pay for in today‚Äôs market place. Or maybe an effective leasing and management program is not being executed, causing a property to experience lost top line revenue and inflated operating expenses. 

These are just a few examples of countless problems that might make a property a viable candidate for a value add real estate strategy. By correctly identifying and addressing the issues at hand, a real estate investor is more than likely seeking to realize larger returns than one anticipates on a stabilized asset. 

But typically this is a trade off, as the value add real estate investor will be assuming a great amount of risk in this venture. If you are interested in executing a value add real estate strategy, let me assist you to identify, evaluate and execute on a "value add" opportunity.

Value Add Properties